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Gurney Transportation, oxygen provider, hospice

About Us
Giving Californians Access to Quality Transportation


We are a locally owned, family business serving our local community and many communities around us throughout California.   We have been in the medical transportation industry for 4 years and are establishing ourselves in North State as the best transportation available.  It is our passion and goal to help as many people as we can by providing safe,

comfortable and dependable rides to and from your home, hospital, or facility.  

california accessible transportation


Ambulatory service provides local and long disance transportation to those that don't have a vehicle and or can't drive due to medication or struggling to drive that far for specialty out of town doctors.  

We have Prius' and SUVs for comfort, and different weather conditions. 


Affordable rates for private pay. Our service can accommodate local & long distance serivces, including out of state.  Local and Long Distance Hospital discharges NON emergency (non 911) drop of and pick up ER trips (private pay only for ER).   Specialty care for Hospice Transportation from within California, as well as California to anywhere in the US.  It is our goal to always provide the best possible care to our clients as well as safe gentle rides to and from medical appts, home from the hospital or airport drop off and pick up.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured in the state of California. Our professional drivers have been through rigorous training, have cleared a federal background check, clean DMV record, and

have passed a 10 panel drug test, as well as a DOT medical physical. 

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wheelchair transportation, non emergency transporation, handicapped transport, er drop off, NEMT, mobility transport


gurney transportation, hospice, ambulance, stretcher


Mobility Assist Transportation is the the gap between ambulatory and wheelchair.  It is for clients that have mobility limitations but are able to transfer to a regular vehicle with minimal to moderate assistance from your driver.  Attendants are availible to ride with the client. And we can provide if needed.

  • WalkerCaneCrutches 

  • Wheelchair (but can transfer) 

  • Visual limitations 

  • Dementia/alzheimers (needing supervision) 


Requirments:  Must be able to stand for  30 seconds and ability to pivot feet.  Must be able to walk 100 feet with a mobility device or caregiver assistance.​

Wheelchair Van services are for those that are in manuel or power chairs.  Our vans are rear loading for the safety and comfort to our clients.  We can accommodate up to a 30.5" wheelchair which does handle bariatric clients.


We can provide the wheelchair if you do not have one. We have regular and reclining wheelchairs depending on the medical need of the client.

Gurney Van service provides local and long distance services for those that are bed bound, or have a injury that prevents you to sit upright. We offer regular and bariatric services up to 400 pounds.  The client can have oxygen and IV (medication can not be provided).  We cannot provide medical services on board.

 Care-giver or family member can ride with our highly qualified 2 person team. 

Our transportations specialists are CPR, first aid and AED certified.  

medical airporter


If you have medical limitations and need wheelchair, gurney or just ambulatory assistance to and from the airport,  

this service is also door to door with luggage assistance. We will get you safely inside the airport until one of staff takes over transport through TSA and to your gate. 

We also can provide airport transportation for family members coming into visit a family member in a nursing home or rehab, as well as emergency hospice visits.  Our compassion will give you peace of mind on your way to family. 

C.A.T. is honored and humbled to begin providing exceptional transportation to the VET'S the heroes of this country!   

Thank you for your service, thank you for your sacrifce! 

For all those that have served and are serving deserve reliable safe transportation! 

We can't wait to meet many and show our gratitude to all we drive!

veteran transportation

Now sub-contracted with this amazing VET owned well established Company that has the Full Veterans Contract for California!

Visit their website! 

Click on their logo!!

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"Carrying Angels Together" a Speciality Division of C.A.T.

Hospice Transportation, Hospice Transport, hospice home

 Hospice Transportation         Services

funeral, hurst, transportation

 Having a family member enter into hospice is an emotional, difficult time.  "Carrying Angels Together" is A Division within C.A.T.    We have a team of  outstanding hospice helpers to make  the transportation aspect of the process to be as easy as possible.   Having a company you can rely will give you peace of mind.


We offer smooth-ride vans equipped/supplied with: 3" memory foam mattress for long distance comfort On board entertainment  (Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Prime Video and Disney)Meals are provided (including g-tube nutrition if oral food is not an option) I Oxygen is provided if prescribed by a physician. Oral medication can be given as needed with family and/or facility written/signed consent.  


C.A.T. transports within the state of California, and  to anywhere in the US. 

We are here to provide affordable, exceptional service to you and your loved one.

Proud and honored to be partnered with Shining Care of Redding, helping families get the Hospice Home transportation they need and deserve. 

CAT is an active Member of the Redding Purple City Alliance!

Carolynn Belke 

 Owner/LLC Partner


"People may not believe what you say,

but they will always believe what you do.  

Let your actions speak for you. "

-Author Unknown-

First and formost I am a mom to a beautiful 11 year old girl who is the shining light of my life.  I show her everyday how to be successful, respectful and compassionate.   I have been dedicated to serving the communities around me for over 20 years.  I have been in the medical industry for over 10 years and in medical transportation for 4 years.   I have a passion for medical transportation, because 5 years ago having transportation to the doctor saved my life.   I want to help as many people in need that my fabulous team and I can.    In my heart I believe that my transportation drivers are  "a listening ear ," we don't just drive our clients, we listen, we care,
we show compassion.  

Jose Fabian
Business Owner/ LLC Partner

I have been a business owner for over 15 years in a completely different field.  In the last 4 years I have seen a great need in the Medical Transportation industry, especially in the more rural areas.  I am excited to help the communities in the North State get the transportation they deserve.  

"Now I know, and knowing is half the battle."  -G.I. Joe-

Abstract Paint

Excited to be a vendor and/or providing services to the Best Healthcare in the Northstate! 
Many more partners to be added! 


Saferide Health 

Leader in NEMT brokers.  January 1st 2024 United Health Care will be offering Transportation to their patients!!! We are privledged to be a provider of this service 


State of California MEDI-CAL 

We now accept Shasta county Medi-Cal insurance through Partnership of California!! 


C.A.T.  Team

Professional. Compassionate. Dedicated.

Introducing our fantastic team of hand selected individuals that each bring a special passion for helping the communites

that we serve.  Our team is dedicated to giving the best possible care to our clients. 

We strive to provide exceptional transportation, professional service, and compassion towards people! 

"My ride home was a pleasant experience from Redding to McArthur. The ride was very smooth and the personnel were very friendly and professional."  

Gordon, McArthur CA

new west.jpg

Partnering with New West Medical for our medical equipment needs!!!  Great company to work with!


Having APEX as our Mechanic gives us peace of mind that are vehicles are always safe on the road.


We get all our vehicle Vinyl work done by Charles, he is always ready to help! 
His work is fabulous!


With attention to detail and quick turn around! SueAnn does fantastic work for all your embroidery needs.

Office Hours:



FAX: 530-364-2868

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